Between reality

August 30, 2020

The place I want to be
Here, in your arms, but not in this world
The place where I have dreams
And reach for them
Where beside you I am strong
I know where I am going
And, though the way may not be easy,
I know the way, at least.

Here, in your arms, and ready to face tomorrow
Tomorrow with its difficulties and challenges
Its heartache and pain
But also its promise
Of more and the same
The joy of watching The Three grow
In strength and wisdom and their own joy.

Here, in your arms, I see the way
I move. Together, we move
And all is, though not perfect,
(We are human after all)
Is well, and will be
You are the reality, and my hope
The reason for my being.

Between reality, with you, and without my failings