Tweets to toots

January 10, 2021

My little bio used to say I put stuff on Twitter. I’ve not actually been there since Christmas, and I’m not missing it so I feel now is the time to mention a new place I’m investigating. It’s run on Mastodon, which describes itself as “Social networking, back in your hands”.

On the surface it runs in the same way as Twitter, with character limited, little thought sharing options. But it’s open source software and instead of the platform being hosted by one big organisation or company it’s hosted by anyone who wants to set up an instance of it. So you can have your own little install of one person, on your own little part of the internet. But that little install can easily connect with other so it’s not as isolated or lonely as it sounds.

It’s a lovely way to make the web.

There are already a lot of installs of it kicking around, so if you wanted an easy to use experience where you just sign up and get started (like Twitter) you can do that in various places. I signed up originally on (an instance no longer taking new sign ups) but have just moved over to

Do come and say hello if you sign up, IAmAlsoAndy over there too.