Plausible Analytics

February 7, 2021

I’ve been using Plausible Analytics properly for a bit at work the last couple of weeks. It’s great to have not thrown the normal analytics tool in there just for the sake of it. I put it on a site that was launched last week that looks to reduce suicide within the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health Care Partnership – Check-In.

Plausible is really quick, and really simple, and so far has handled the general stats that we need from sites perfectly. It’s cookie-less and privacy respecting, so while it’s easy to see how many visits the sites has had, and the actions people on the site have taken, it doesn’t take any personal information from people visiting the site. Nor does it take any long term tracking.

I’m playing around a little with some custom goals just now, and will share a few things in the next few days.