February 17, 2021

I’ve mentioned Plausible Analytics recently, and have started using it at work a bit. Hopefully this will happen more over time, as it’s neat.

At the end of last week one of my colleagues asked me for some tracking links (UTMs) to share in some campaign packs we were creating. It got me thinking about how best to generate the tracking links. Plausible has a good blog post about UTMs so I’m not going to say much more about them.

In the blog post there is a link to a generator for UTMs but I thought, seeing as I have a week off, I would make my own little generator. It’s not really finished, but I’m enjoying making it. I’m going to add a link shortener too, though I’ve not decided how to do that yet. It should go hand in hand with a bit of education around analytics generally, and UTMs specifically.

One of my favourite things about Plausible is I can use the word ‘tracking’ without feeling bad about tracking people!